"I have always been into creating, rather than consuming things... unless we're talking about one tasty sandwich "
- R. Walachnia ;)

As far as I know I officially joined CG industry about eighteen years ago when a major video game publisher bought the platform game which I and my best friend had been working on. It turned out to be quite successful one, despite of rapidly descending Amiga market. 
To complete my education I had chosen Technical Uni (Architecture) which gave me both, art and engineering knowledge. Since then I've been always trying to incorporate both aspects while working on concepts, designs and illustrations.

Instead of working as an Architect I continued my freelance "adventure" creating art for both private and corporate clients. I also gained a lot of experience working for publishing houses, printing houses and TV Stations.
Next, logical step of my "evolution" as an artist was finding a job in a big and successful company. 
Within hours after making that decision I found my dream job and so...

For past six years I've been working as a Concept Artist and later a Senior Concept Artist for Frontier Development Ltd. During that time I was asked to create a wide range of concepts in different styles and themes. From heavy stylized to realistic, from sketches to fully rendered final illustrations.

- Concept Art and Visual Development (characters, vehicles, environments, props, mood-paintings) 
- Illustrations (books, magazines)
- Graphic design (posters, flyers, logos)
- Flash animations (cartoons, geometric)
- Website design (layout, D HTML)
- Architectural visualizations
- Low poly modelling, UVW mapping and textures

If you have any questions don't hesitate to Email me: radoslaw@walachnia.com

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