This is a digital section, try also traditional art of mine here.

Lonely Bot

"Behemothh in some translations of the Bible, is a biblical creature mentioned in the Book of Job, 40:15-24. The word is most likely a plural form of בהמה (bəhēmāh), meaning beast or large animal. It may be an example of pluralis excellentiae, a Hebrew method of expressing greatness by pluralizing a noun; it thus implies that Behemoth is the largest and most powerful animal ever to exist. Metaphorically, the name has come to be used for any extremely large or powerful entity." -courtesy of Wikipedia. Overall it took around 3h to finish.

Haron... well  tbh I came out with the title afterwards :) That was a test os new brushes (Mixer Brush Tool) in Photoshop CS5.


This illustration was create for the "Dragons" contest and it took the first place in the digital category.  I don't know latin but I hope that the meaning of the title is close to "Tree Dragon (Small)"

Accidental speedpainting. Well... maybe not so accidental after all. Of course I intended to draw something at the first place, I turned on my PC, sat down in the chair, took my stylus and run Photoshop... and then I came up with this one :)

Atlantis, as it is well known, were intelligent, but scatterbrained breed, who greatly contributed to the flooding of their island. Well, once upon the time, during a beautiful day (it's obvious that the weather on Atlantis was fine all the time, even during the rain, isn't it? ) That day Mrs. H. Atlantis-Atlantis went to her best friend to talk about some rumors about her cousin. She forgot to close a water in few taps in her villa (approximately thirty-one taps, 29 with cold and 2 with boiling water).
Within an hour island sank completely. 
Is that the end? Noooonononno! . Resourceful and wise Atlantis decided not to expose themselves once more for the same cataclysm, and they built a new civilization, this time tap-less, on the ruins of the old one. They did it without surfacing the island, according to the rule: "What's submerged should stay like that, period." . Picture committed for "Environment of the Week" battle ( Thanks for all the fruits, and please don't tell me, that I'm talking a load of codswallop, and if I do it's only because fruit were a bit fermented ;)

City Council politely appeals and reminds about the compulsory segregation of mortified dreams. Sport's dreams, including ones about being a handsome striker from the Real Madrid, please dump in the back alley on the corner of Seventeenth Avenue and Sixth Street. In case of daydreams, please cram them in the dark alley next to the DreamInn hotel. The biggest alley of the city is designed for dumping sexual fantasies (including the one about getting laid with one of the celebrities listed in our free guide "How ecologically and almost completely anonymously bury your dreams in the down-town of the city") At the same time we ask to bury dreams (destroyed because of the fear of pursuit them) individually in one's gardens (concerns the residents of the suburbs). Don't forget to pin them down with the mid-sized stone or paving 10x10 inches plate. (concern the city center residents) Thank you for your cooperation. Sincerely ... (Signature illegible)

Meet the pilot of Subliminal Fighter. The photo was taken just before the take-off. Technical info about the photo: SuperSSLR camera Cannon 8.23DZ, natural light from Alfa Century, shutter open sub-dimensionally for 0.0001s.

"Fish again - thought Zenon with disgust and took a bite of the herring. Couldn't that Apocalypse be less wet? Because of all that wetness I've got rheumatism and leaking nose. Not to mentioned the omnipresent English fungus. In the old times (dry days) I was reading that the fungus and mould is really unhealthy and definitely not good for the skin. It's a big relief that I found a pair of wellingtons yesterday. A few rubber patches and they're almost like new! I could eat a horse. OK, a herring is fine... eek"

Below some speed-paintings
Created mostly during lunch breaks between sip of coffee and bite of sandwich. It's a good exercise, believe me :) 30-60 min at the most. 
Usually there is a theme or a subject attached to it as well:

1. Volcano
2. The Treasure

1. Savagery
2. The Egg
3. The Panda
4. Time Machine

Two still-life studies.
1. My Phone
2. My Lunch

1. Chocolate Tree
2. Portrait
3. Robo-Dog
4. The Box

1. Under the Bridge
2. Express Line


1. Chinese Head
2. Boring
3. SciFi Poster
4. Paradise

1. Delicious
2. Rusty Car
3. Mechanical