Kinectimals Now with Bears
- is the sequel/DLC for the Kinectimals game. Now you can enjoy playing not only with cats but bears also. 

"Your family gets bigger in this extended release of the award winning Kinectimals game. Joining the original feline cubs, now play with cuddly bear cubs as you solve a mystery on the undiscovered islands of Lemuria and Mira! Meet the new bear cubs and share adventures as you build a bond that grows each time you play!"

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What I'd done for this game were mostly paint-overs for environments and some GUI work i.e. the Bear Island map and some icons.

Capitan Blackwood's shelter made out of remains of his famous galleon.

Paint-overs for Bear Island locations. From the original blockouts to the finished paintings.

The map of the Bear Island. The idea is that you find remaining pieces of pergamin during exploration of the island. 

Second map level (zoom in version that shows separate "pockets" of the particular location)

Paint-over of the interior of Captain Blackwood's shelter.

Journal illustrations.