Some concepts and in-game graphic for "Thrillville" / "Thrillville Off The Rails" games.

"The concept of the game is to design and build a theme park that will satisfy tourists looking for a thrill. Park guests must be kept happy by use of roller coasters, carnival rides and games like bumper cars and arcade games. In party play mode, players can play all the mini-games available against the computer or friends. The player can build facilities that would be available in amusement parks, such as bathrooms, food stalls, drink stalls and even some hat and balloon stalls. The player may also talk and interact with his guests to become friends. Using a teen character, the player may also flirt with the opposite sex. The player can play mini-games to gain money, make loans, and hire staff to clean, entertain, and fix rides. Keeping park guests happy will increase publicity and money. Missions, through the completion of which, the player may gain money and other rewards, are also available." -Wikipedia

Props concepts.

Submarine concept art... Capitan Nemo style :)

Final screenshot for "Motomania" mini-game.

In-game graphic for another mini-game.

Even more props :)

Background graphic for "Motomania" mini-game.