Below some concepts that newer seen a light of day. Various selection from abandon projects... but I think still worth a penny.

War has never been so fun!
Well maybe, just maybe, "Cannon Fodder" was close to it ;)

Polar bear illustrations based partly on reference photos with addition of themed props. The notion was to show mischievous animal in his early days (as a baby) and also when he grows older.

Hot american desert, cosy diner, music from 60s, UFO... What? UFO theme? Strange. Really strange. 

GUI concept. Old idea, new approach.
Stylised "Airstream" trailer.

Futuristic clinic for wild animals. CCTV camera POV?

Orangutans' enclosure concepts.

Modern American School and gym... exterior.

Modern American School and swimming pool... interior.

Crazy Penguins...
...and Jags ;)

Two concepts showing possibility of changing theme for the same game-play. Here, two teams of mad scarecrows fight in the death race ;) 

Some kind of ancient ruins, waterfalls and green goodness ;)
A lot of empty space in the middle required for game-play (Kinectimals)

Concept of modular towers... and some close-ups. Everything painted as usual from the scratch. No 3D blockouts.


Various animal enclosures. They're not only themed, but additionally they have local climate zones. 
All animals rendered separately 

Paint-overs of function buildings. You can see basic, grey objects, provided by modellers (in the middle) and my concepts on top of that. I tried to keep all of them within the same colour and material scheme.

Mood concepts showing playful, young elephant. Realistic approach.